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Shanyaakutlaax, Salmon Boy (a Tlingit Story)

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Shanyaakutlaax, Salmon Boy is a abbreviated version of a adult Tlingit story. The value of this book is in respect to nature and the reciprocity of beings. The illustrations provide a captivating backdrop to the bilingual text. This book has an incredible amount of culture packed into a simple form factor. After the protagonist disrespects part of nature, they are taken on a journey of becoming. This narrative is a coming of age story rooted in a specific culture with universal values.

Another graceful publication for strengthening the continuity of Indigenous Knowledge, Shanyaakutlaax, Salmon Boy gives me the hope that revitalization and continued tradition is possible in our technological world.

Each page of the book has both Tlingit and English. There is an audio recording of the Tlingit which follows the story page by page. This audio is an amazing resource provided by Sealaska Heritage.