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Kawaii Slime: Sherbet Scented Ice Cream Pint Slime

Kawaii Slime Company

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YES it's SLIME! This Sherbetscented ice cream Slime isevery ice cream lovers dream. They look as accurate to real ice cream you won't believe your eyes... or your nose! Every flavor was carefully curated to have the most accurate aroma of REALice cream totake your senses on an adventure to your favorite ice cream shop, enjoying your favorite ice cream with your loved ones.

Playing with slime can be oddly satisfying, a sensory experience and a nice stress releiver. 

Kawaii Slime Company was founded in 2017 by a family of Slime enthusiasts who have a passion for creating the cutest Slime toys on the market. These slime toys are proudly made in the USA and are made with high quality ingredients crafted by a small team of Slime enthusiasts. From product conception to execution, we strive for excellence in creating the perfect Slime toy!