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Triple Header Maxi 6Ft Woven USB Cable - Multiple Colors

Tech Candy

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Got things? This mega long 6' cord charges all the things—both Apple & Android (but 1 at a time!) 3-tipped cable creates a charging hotspot, perfect for families, gatherings & offices. Charge your iPad, iPhone (MFi certified by Apple), your uncle’s old Android device. Then your BFF’s shiny new Android. Throw in your neighbor’s eReader. Back to the iPad. See? All the things!

TECH SPECS: 6' MFi & RoHS-certified USB to Lightning, Micro-USB & USB-C connections. // MADE OF: TPE + Premium Cotton.

Made by Tech Candy.  Tech Candy is a collection of techcessories, from Qi chargers to web camera curtains, wireless speakers to USB charging cords, Apple Watch bands to cord organizers & other gadget goodies. Tech Candy is laser focused on women's needs with the goal of reinventing on-trend but otherwise uninspired tech solutions into beautiful, giftable products. WE ARE WOMEN & WE. LOVE. TECH.