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Take Charge Power Bank / QI Charger / Phone Stand

Tech Candy

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Be a tech boss with 4 full charges for your phone. 0 to 100 percent, 4 times over. This single power bank allows you to charge older, wired devices & newer, Qi-enabled devices. Charge your iPhone X wirelessly, your boyfriend’s Galaxy S10 wirelessly & then your mom’s old iPhone 7 with a cord. Juice up TAKE CHARGE, toss it in purse or bag & forget about it. Holds charge for months & digital output reports how much power’s left. Did we mention this charger is also a phone stand? You’re welcome.

Made by Tech Candy.  Tech Candy is a collection of techcessories, from Qi chargers to web camera curtains, wireless speakers to USB charging cords, Apple Watch bands to cord organizers & other gadget goodies. Tech Candy is laser focused on women's needs with the goal of reinventing on-trend but otherwise uninspired tech solutions into beautiful, giftable products. WE ARE WOMEN & WE. LOVE. TECH.