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Squishable Pink Kitty 15"


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Felix domestics! Oh what a paradox you are! On one hand, you're a ruthless predator who can down small furry mammals with a single pounce! On the other hand, you're an adorable ball of domesticated fur I just want to say 'hoo IZ a cute Lil kittens' To! Stop messing with My head, little Kitty! Once and for all, tell me, are you evilly cute, or just evil? Thankfully, this little felis wants to make the distinction clear! He's pink! And not just any pink, very pink! Nothing this color could ever consider munching on a mouse or hungering for a hamster. He falls Strictly on the 'cotton candy' Side of the carnivore index, so both you and your favorite Gerbil can cuddle him with impunity. Probably.

15 squishy inches of rosy, cuddly Paradox, polyester fiber, ages 3 and up!