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Rock Tumbler Refill – Raw Gemstones of Nine Varietie

Discover with Dr. Cool

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We’ve scoured the globe and collected the best raw gemstones for rock tumbling!


This rock tumbler refill kit includes:

  • The ultimate variety with 9 types of raw gemstones (1 lb in total)

  • 4 courses of premium polishing grit that will turn your “stones” into “gemstones”

  • Jewelry fastenings: 2 necklace, 2 earring, 1 keychain, 1 ring

  • Discover with Dr. Cool’s education adventure guide written by teachers

 Boys and girls will love witnessing the incredible transformation of these gemstones and adding them to their rock collection!

Discover with Dr. Cool is a name parents trust.  Founded by a teacher and a life-long rock hound back in 2009, Dr. Cool has won over 100 awards for the play value, educational content, and overall quality of their toys.