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Lil ADVENTS ADVENTures Potty Training Game - FARM theme - with rewards

Lil Advents

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Your Lil One is ready to start their Potty Time ADVENTure. Use Lil ADVENTS incentive reward chart as the game to encourage your Potty Trainer to make successful deposits! How It Works: Your Potty Time ADVENTure (PTA) Chart has 14 potty punch-outs topped with shapes numbered 1 through 30. When your Potty Trainer makes a successful deposit, reward them with a matching sticker shape to fill in their chart starting at #1. Once each potty punch-out has all its shape stickers filled in, it is complete. Have your Lil One lift up the toilet lid to reveal their reward! Hint: This process will progress from 1 to 3 successful deposits to complete a potty punch-out. Note: the first two potty punch-outs only need 1 deposit to complete, so your Lil One gets rewarded immediately for these first two! The rewards are adorable wood toy blocks that can be used for numerous activities such as stacking, balancing and pattern making. Accidents happen! Tackling potty training takes patience and consistency. Even though your Lil One might be unsuccessful at times, they can still show great progress. This type of behavior should be encouraged. Reward them with a themed sticker to place on their activity board to help motivate them for their next deposit. When the entire PTA Chart is finished, your Potty Trainer will have made 30 successful deposits! Reward them with their sticker of completion badge to proudly wear for everyone to see! What’s in the Box? This toilet training advent game is a full system that includes the following to encourage your Lil One’s next successful deposits. 1 Potty Time ADVENTure Chart with 14 Potty Punch-Outs, 14 CPSC Safety Certified Wood Blocks (18 months & up), Activity Board, Shape Stickers, Themed Stickers and Sticker of Completion Badge. We wish you many successful deposits in the near future on your new ADVENTure!