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Grizzly Bear Roaring - Schleich Animal Figure 14685


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Explore the wild in an imaginative adventure all your own with the Schleich 14685 Grizzly Bear Figurine, one of the forest animal figurines from the vast Schleich collection. Grizzlies are tall, strong animals - they stand up to 2.4 meters high and weigh around 450 kilograms. They have a small hump-like rise on their back and strong hind limbs. Grizzly bears are able to run up to 55 kilometers per hour. They are loners and frequently behave aggressively. Sometimes they gather at rivers and streams to catch salmon. Since they are omnivores, these bears feed on fish, plants and large mammals like moose, deer and black bears. They are also known to steal food from wolves or humans. Toy animal figures are recommended for children ages 3 and up.
The bear is 4-3/8 in.

Put a Schleich toy in the hands of a child, and watch as something magical happens. They are transported to a world of imaginative possibilities for endless storytelling and adventure!