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Glowstriker - Floating Ball Target Practice

Odyssey Toys

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What goes up, must come down and you'll exactly why with Odyssey's Glowstriker. Hit the power switch and listen to the whirring fan launch foam balls into the air. The real fun starts when you grab the blaster and load the darts into the the barrel. Steady your aim, focus on your target and fire! Is your aim good enough to knock all of the foam balls out of the air? There's only one way to find out!

Watch a cool video of the floating ball target practice here

What’s in the box
Glowstiker Base
Air-Pressurized Blaster
10 x Suction-Tipped Darts
10 x Glow In The Dark Hover Balls

Model Number ODY-575

Recommended Age 8+

Batteries 4 x C Batteries, not included