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FUNGAS AMONG US - by Decaffeinated Designs Mushrooms Vinyl Sticker

Decaffeinated Designs

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FUNGAS AMONG US sticker by Decaffeinated Designs of Juneau, Alaska. 

 Waterproof, Weatherproof and Durable Vinyl Sticker

Molecules flow through space, ebbing and eddying, a single cell forms into life, touching another, making love, cellular strings lace outwards, forking, branching, frolicking, mosaics of networks emerge, a model of life surges, finds home on land, on this blue planet, the network is mycelium, rejoices in creation, in elegance and grace, to form, a mushroom, the universe smiles. By Paul Stamets

3x5 Waterproof, weatherproof and durable vinyl Sticker