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Flowerini - Transforming Fairy Flower Doll Toys


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These three cute fairy dolls transform into pretty flowers. Attach the flowers to a stroller or crib to entertain your little ones or help them drift off to sleep! Made from fabric with fun, crinkly textures and a cute bell!

Hape® Flowerini help your children understand that if something is no longer in sight, it does not mean that it will not return. A colourful rattle for the little ones, which transforms to reveal a special surprise...

As we have seen, the peekaboo is not only a pastime to entertain babies but has a deeper meaning. When you reappear after hiding, the child has a chance to internalise the concept of temporary disappearance. Besides, you may recur to the tool of dialogue to explain what is about to happen: verbalisation supports awareness, just as the repetition of the same greeting rituals promotes serenity. 

Assorted Colours - Each Sold Separately
Hape Item Number: E0028
Age: 0+ Months