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Calico Critters Baby Collectiles - Baby Party Series Mystery Animal Figure

Epoch Everlasting Play

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Collect Baby Party Series blind bag collectibles from Calico Critters! This third series of collectibles includes 9 styles of posed or poseable baby figures, each with a party themed accessory. There's even one secret style! Play together with Nursery Series Playsets, specifically designed for baby figures. The Nursery Series includes CC1789 Baby Castle Nursery, CC1790 Sunshine Nursery Bus, CC1799 Baby Ferris Wheel, CC1800 Baby Airplane Ride, CC1791 Baby Tree House, CC1792 Baby Castle Playground and CC1793 Baby Choo Choo Train

  • Baby Party Series is the third series of collectible figures from Calico Critters, released Fall 2019
  • Each blind bag contains one Calico Critter baby figure and party themed accessory.
  • Collect all 9 styles, including the secret style not featured on the packaging!
  • Combine with Nursery Series playsets, specifically designed for baby figures, including CC1789 Baby Castle Nursery and CC1790 Sunshine Nursery Bus
  • Recommended for girls and boys ages 3 and above

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