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Beast Collective Basketball featuring Alaska Native Design

Trickster Co,

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The red and black Beast Collective Basketball designed by Rico Worl. Men's regulation size 7 (29.5" circumference). Indoor and outdoor basketball.  These rubber basketballs are durable and made to last.  Ships uninflated - you will need a pump to inflate it.

Beast: A state of being where someone exceeds expected limitations
Collective: A unit of organized people

This design portrays a variety of close up shots of various beast characters. It represents the concept of the synergy achieved from organizing as group when working towards a cause. Whether you're protecting the paint or protecting sacred lands, organizing always brings you to the next level.

Trickster Company promotes innovative indigenous design, focusing on the Northwest Coast art and exploring themes and issues in Native culture. They strive to represent a prestigious lineage of art in fresh and energetic ways as a celebration of Northwest Coast culture as it lives today.