Silly Munchkins is open for walk-in customers and curbside pick-up Mon-Fri 10-4, Sat 9-4. At Checkout, enter your address and then pick "Free In-store Pickup"

Silly Munchkins Re-Opening with COVID-19 State Mandate

Silly Munchkins is open for business, but not business as usual.  Whenever possible, online orders and curbside pickup are strongly encouraged.  If you do want to visit the store, customers must follow the following state requirements:

  1. Fabric face coverings shall be worn by all employees and patrons.  
  2. Social distance of at least six feet is maintained between non-household
    individuals (this includes waiting in line at checkout)


  1. Only one adult per household per visit
  2. Maximum number of customers is 20, but we prefer to keep it much less. 
  3. Stay home if you are sick

Hand sanitizer will be available at the mall entrance and in our store.  We will do our best to frequently sanitize our work stations, the play area and dressing room throughout the day.  

Store (and Plaza) Hours: Mon-Fri 10 to 4, Sat 9-12 noon.  

Please be purposeful in your shopping; don't linger.  Know what you're looking for before you come in.  Be aware of social distancing, and if you do bring a child with you, please keep them at your side at all times and be responsible for their social distancing requirements.  

Other ways to shop:

You may order online at and select free local pickup after you enter your shipping address.  You may send a facebook message to Jackie and she will be your personal shopper, sending you photos of what you're looking for.  And finally, you can call us at 247-4559 with any questions, and to let us know you're parked in our reserved parking spot at our back door waiting for curbside pickup. 


Your Consignment Questions Answered:

We have reset all current consignment periods so that you will get a full 60 days of selling time on your consigned items.  

Please do not bring any bags for consignment until after May 11 (date may change, call ahead).  It is essential that all clothing be freshly washed and shoes (including soles), purses and accessories be sanitized at home before you bring it to us.  We will continue to limit consignors to just one bag per month.  We will no longer accept winter clothing.